EMI Interior Design is a full service residential interior design firm, founded by Erica Islas in 2000.  Through years of experience , EMI Interior Design has developed its own unique style of mixing the old with the new giving all their projects a timeless feel.   EMI Interior Design deftly blends classic materials with more contemporary elements to create timeless spaces. Seamlessly juxtaposing limestone, marble, earthy woods, textured fabrics and organic colors with materials such as metals and glass gives EMI’s interiors a striking and harmonious feel.

EMI’s design philosophy is to create interiors that are inviting and timeless by exploring possibilities and not getting caught up in a particular style that might date the project or be ‘trendy’ for the current moment. They are not afraid to implement strong contrasting design elements that are both aesthetically striking and functional.  Keeping things as simple and pure as possible is key in their design approach. They are masters at transforming a tight, non-functional space into an open one with every element fulfilling a need.

EMI specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels but they also tackle projects from living rooms to offices to children’s rooms, always with an innovative approach to design, space appropriation and functionality. They pride themselves on using green products wherever possible.

Erica Islas has been featured as a guest designer on the popular HGTV show Designer’s Challenge and is currently featured on HGTV’s designer’s portfolio.  Erica Islas has also won numerous awards including Donghia’s National Textile Contest in 2006.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, she has been passionate about design, art and architecture since the day she was able to hold a crayon.  She formally entered the interior design business in 1994. She currently resides in Culver City, California, with her husband and two young children.